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  • BlastGARD Glass Fragment Retention Film (Mylar Window Film) - What do the FBI, the United States Army, NASDAQ and Wells Fargo Bank have common? All are protected by BlastGARD™ Window Protection Films. Developed as a defense against bomb blasts, explosions and flying glass, BlastGARD™ glass protection film adheres to the interior side of the window. The high strength, optically clear or tinted polyester material acts like an invisible coat of armor, making the glass significantly stronger and virtually impenetrable to small ballistic attacks. The film is virtually undetectable to the human eye and will not alter the appearance of the windows in any way. In the event of a major explosion, BlastGARD™ helps hold the razor sharp glass fragments together, preventing flying shards of glass from becoming deadly weapons. The product also absorbs shock waves, cushioning and dispersing the impact to the window frame, lessening collateral damage to surrounding buildings.  
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  • Advanced Graphix - Manufactures vehicle graphics for police, sheriff, fire and security departments across the United States, helping in the identification of emergency vehicles.
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  • AP&T Inc. - Providing transparent ballistic defensive products and training services for domestic and international law enforcement agencies, including ballistic shields, security glazing, hurricane glass, and security stations.
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